Hands down. Best Experience of the Year.

Now let me say that last night was the ABSOLUTE BEST EXPERIENCE I’ve had this year. Hands down. I attended a very special event with my brother at UCLA. Academy-award-winning composer, Michael Giacchino (UP, Ratatouille, Star Trek, LOST) conducted beautifully-written music for LOST Live: The Final Celebration.

I remember the first time LOST caught my interest. I was in Hawaii in the summer of 2005. In the hotel room, I was channel surfing and I stopped on a show that was both visually and audibly breathtaking. The scene lasted a few minutes and there was no dialogue. On screen, the cast of characters were celebrating the launch of their newly built raft to leave the island. Even without dialogue, the beautiful musical composition told the story emotionally. I was very curious and impressed by the sound of an orchestra playing against the backdrop of a tropical beach. I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before on television.

While I was in Hawaii, Season 2 of LOST was having a premiere screening on Waikiki Beach. One day I was at the beach and I overheard a conversation a woman had about meeting Matthew Fox. I was genuinely interested in checking out the premiere screening, but my buddy Rod and I had other plans. When I left Hawaii and went back to UCSD to start my senior year, I borrowed the season 1 DVD from my friend, Jennifer. I ate up that show like a bag of Spicy Hawaiian BBQ kettle chips. It was wonderful.

Last night, the orchestra paid a tribute to that raft scene that I saw many years ago. It was the same music and visuals that got me hooked on LOST in the first place. It was so nostalgic and I was very pleased to be in the presence of Michael Giacchino. After conducting his set, Michael Giacchino did one final encore performance. He conducted the popular piece from Pixar’s “UP.” That was an emotional performance and I was happy to be there.

Next, one of the executive producers of LOST read a very special letter from GEORGE LUCAS, congratulating LOST for its achievement. Then Damon and Carlton came to present the actors in attendance that night:

Titus Welliver, Ian Somerhaulder, Sonya Walger, Henry Ian Cusick, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Jeremy Davies, Francois Chau, Daniel Dae Kim, Nestor Carbonell, L. Scott Caldwell, Rebecca Mader, Lance Reddick, Malcolm David Kelly (WALT!), Harold Perrineau, William Mapother (Ethan), Daniel Roebuck (Leslie Artz), Kim Dickens (Cassidy), and many more.

Screening of Next Week’s Episode (DON’T WORRY, NO SPOILERS HERE)
Jack Bender, the writers, and producers introduced the next segment: The sneak preview screening of the entire penultimate episode, “WHAT THEY DIED FOR.” It was awesome watching the newest episode 5 days before it airs. It was in HD and on the big screen in a packed auditorium. People cheered and clapped at the end of each act. They laughed at character beats, cheered for the cameo appearances, and gasped at revelations. This was the best experience with an audience. Period. No cell phones were allowed inside the theatre. Therefore, no texting, phones ringing, people checking their bright screens, or anything annoying that comes with cell phone use. There was no food either, so nobody came strolling in late with their giant popcorn, nachos, and diet cokes. No bull. Just LOST.

I understand why people get passionate when somebody disses their mom or their loved ones. When people diss the things or people I love and care about, I don’t respond very well either.

This is how I feel about LOST. I feel that nobody has the right to diss me as a person or give me a hard time just because I love this show. Also, when someone disses LOST to me or makes fun of me, knowing that I love this show with a passion, then that person is no longer a person I take seriously. That’s okay, because those kind of people don’t take me seriously anyway. So forget them.

I digress. But this totally relates to how I enjoyed last night’s LOST Live: The Final Celebration at UCLA. You see, I sat there thinking about the people I wished were here to enjoy the experience with me. Those people who love what I love, I wished they were here. But the show sold out quickly. I also thought about people who dissed me the past few days, weeks, and even months. I honestly feel so much contempt for them because they know not what they do or say.

I picked up some souvenirs for those who want them. Message me! Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m going to another concert event. Sun God Festival at UCSD! Michelle Branch, B.O.B., THRICE, Relient K, and Drake will perform! I got alumni passes, so I’m good to go. Then on Saturday night, I am going to a CAPE event with DANIEL DAE KIM in attendance to talk about his career, legacy, and LOST.

The month of May is a happy time for me. I just got off from the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, where I met tons of people. My financial, romantic, and professional lives are coming together nicely. Someone once said to me that I’m living the dream. It’s hard to realize it, but I think that person might be right. I’ve been through quite a lot this past year and I’d like to see how I have changed as a character and human being.

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  1. Daniel Lui says:

    ah i envy you friend. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

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