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What’s Up Update with Russell – June 2009: Committing to a career is hard for me.  What if there’s something else that I’m supposed to do?  What if I’m good at something, but haven’t discovered what it is yet?  If … Continue reading

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Thoughts for New Grads: Paying Your Dues

I hate that whenever I am lucky to land a job, someone tells me, “Russell, you should be getting paid more.  You’ve got a degree!”  Uh, no.  This is not banking or engineering.  This is Hollywood, where Harvard and Yale … Continue reading

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I Feel Like A Cancelled Show

When we’re lucky to find work… we go in knowing full well that it could end tomorrow. There’s no such thing as a secure job. Continue reading

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Star Trek newbie

No spoilers here.  I successfully managed expectations and I was blown away by J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek.  I have never seen a single episode of  Star Trek.  I have never seen a Star Trek film.  What happened was that I … Continue reading

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Late Night Thoughts

So it’s now May.  Around this time I usually start preparing for my next job.  However, things are different this year.  Work has been slow.  Especially the availability of work.  So here I sit, with my bank account hemorrhaging money … Continue reading

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LA Asian Pacific Film Fest

Highlights: Volunteering experience The crutch and advantage of being a twin Meeting Kelly Hu and Russell Wong On Thursday and Friday nights, I volunteered for VC’s annual film festival and it was quite a noble experience.  I helped out with guest … Continue reading

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